Client Testimonials

I had been there for the frozen shoulder treatment and found Dr. Kolhatkar to be knowledgeable and practical. She pushes the stretching to the bearable limit helps the patient to recover faster. When I started there was a pain in lifting the hand while wearing a t-shirt and now the hand movement is normal without any pain. Important thing to note to get faster results is to make sure that you practice it at home and also try to push yourself hard even if it pains.

Dharmesh Shah

My mother underwent a knee replacement surgery for both knees. We approached Dr Mugdha Kolhatkar for physiotherapy to be done after the surgery. Dr Mudha visited our house and gave physiotherapy sessions to my mother. Dr Mugdha was excellent in the way she conducted the sessions for my mother. She gave physiotherapy to my mother for 15 days. At the end of the 15 days my mother started walking independently without any support and started climbing stairs without any support. Dr Mugdha is very focused and disciplined in her approach. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of physiotherapy. She taught my mother different exercises. Dr Mugdha kept changing the type of exercises in those fifteen days. Towards the end of the sessions she also taught my mother leg-muscle-strengthening exercises. These exercises were very useful in regaining normalcy. Within 1 month of undergoing knee replacement surgery my mother started walking independently and leading a normal life. Thanks to the physiotherapy sessions. I would highly recommend Dr Mugdha for physiotherapy in any area.

Neeta Kothari

I was suffering from severe shoulder pain and acute trapezitis. Million thanks to Dr. Mugdha…. Her treatment worked out to be the best. I followed her advice and now the pain is no more. Also like to update about her that she does not let the patient repeatedly come back coz the treatment she treats is a one time solution. Rest thing is taking care of the given exercise in our daily routine. Thank you Dr. Mugdha

Nilesh Patil

Great experience, cured me of a severe tennis elbow problem. I thought I would never play tennis again.. Dr Kolhatkar put me back on the tennis court with her fantastic knowledge, attention and caring..

Ashok Korwar

I was suffering from lower back pain and nothing seemed to help until someone recommended Sunshine Physiotherapy Clinic. With Dr. Mugdha Kolhatkar`s treatment, in just about 4 to 6 weeks, I was completely cured of the pain. I am back to running, swimming and lifting weights and the pain hasn`t returned. I would highly recommend Sunshine Physiotherapy Clinic.

Kaustubh Cholkar

It is difficult to find good physiotherapists in India. I had been looking out for decent doctors and visited quite a few of them in Pune. Given my medical issues, and the number of doctors i tried, I had almost given up. The issues had become quite chronic as well since it had been a long time the condition had persisted. It was fortunate for me that we came across this clinic on the internet and gave it a try. To my surprise, i was treated very well. With slow and steady treatment, my condition has improved a lot. Thanks for Dr. Mugdha for taking good care of her patients.

Snigdha Swaroop

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