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Physiotherapy plays  a vital role in the healthcare system. Physiotherapists have an in-depth knowledge of how the body functions. With a unique combination of manual hands on skills, electrotherapy and exercises, physiotherapists can assess, diagnose and treat illness, injury and disability. The goal of physiotherapy is to restore and maximize your strength, function, movement and overall health to get you back to doing what you love.

A licensed physiotherapist will meet with you to conduct a detailed medical history and orthopedic assessment. Usually, we will initiate treatment that same day, beginning with hands-on therapy to relieve your pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm. We’ll discuss your therapy goals, and you’ll receive a clear explanation of your condition and treatment plan, plus a personalized home exercise program. We’ll do everything possible to help you achieve a quick and pain free recovery.

Modalities: Ultrasound, Laser, Interferential Therapy, TENs, Paraffin Wax, Heat Therapy,At Sunshine Physiotherapy Clinic , you will receive one-on-one treatment with your physiotherapist to ensure you regain optimal health. Treatment includes:

• Manual Therapy: Soft Tissue Techniques, Joint Mobilization, Stretching etc.

• Exercises: Strengthening, Stretching

• Modalities: Ultrasound, Laser, Interferential Therapy, TENs, Paraffin Wax, Heat Therapy,

• Return to Sports/Work/Activity Retraining

• Functional Movement Retraining

• Home Exercise Program Development

There are other techniques that may be implemented depending  on patient’s condition. Our goal  is to empower you to “treat” your own body. Educating you about your condition will allow you to know what to do when you’re in pain and how to prevent additional injuries. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions!

In most cases, no. If your physical therapist feels you may need further tests, we will discuss this with you and your physician before beginning treatment.

Yes. You’ll receive an exercise program customized for your needs. We do not hand out generic exercise sheets. At your first visit, we’ll show you the correct and comfortable way to perform your personalized home exercises. On your next visit, we’ll  check again that you’re doing these correctly. As your condition improves, your exercise program will advance. Home exercise helps you sustain your recovery without further treatment. Long-lasting results are our goal.

Yes! Low back pain is our specialty. Manual physical therapy , manipulations and trigger point release techniques  has shown extraordinary success in treating the spine. The gentle hands-on release of spinal tension makes it easier and more comfortable for you to perform core stability exercises which strengthen your back.  This combination of hands-on therapy and core exercise ensures long-lasting recovery without the need for surgery or drugs.

Based on your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will determine the number of visits that will optimally benefit you to regain your overall independence and health. Depending on the chronicity of your injury, treatment sessions can last for days, weeks or sometimes longer (possibly through optional maintenance sessions).Physiotherapy sessions will be reduced gradually , once physiotherapist feels that a patient can do home exercise program properly .

You do not need a doctor’s referral to attend physiotherapy.

It depends upon severity of the problem and age of the patient .  If  it is a osteoarthritis  of knee then patient may get 75 % subjective pain relief in two weeks . If it is a partial ligament tear , then it will take three to four weeks ,If it is a full ligament tear then ligament reconstruction is required followed by six to eight weeks of physiotherapy rehabilitation program.

Experienced physiotherapists with a special interest in women’s health assist with various musculoskeletal changes that occur in the child-bearing year. Basic antenatal exercise programs are designed for each patient. In addition, further strategies are used to effectively treat:

  • Low and mid back pain during pregnancy

◦ Sacro-Iliac Joint pain (+/- sciatica), Pubic Symphysis pain

◦ Piriformis muscle spasm

◦ Difficulty/pain with movement

◦ Rectus diastasis (abdominal bulging)

◦ Bladder control problems or constipation/straining

◦ Carpal tunnel symptoms