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Fitness Tips to enjoy trekking

Now a days youngsters are crazy about trekking rappelling and  all adventures
Most important thing to remember is prepare yourself mentally and  physically both for such adventures .

Nature is the best to be with
It helps us to rejuvenate
To find ourselves
and  most importantly gives us immense pleasure and peace

How to prepare for adventures?
If you are interested in trekking then first start warm up exercises for hands and legs
Start small walks and  gradually increase the distance .Always prefer to walk at same pace as it is very helpful if you are consistent with your speed .Avoid taking long breaks or intervals during walk.

Walking along slopes or hills too is very beneficial.Practice climbing hills with small backpack.It increases your endurance and stamina .

Breathing exercises helps to increase your stamina and endurance.Deep breathing exercises play a vital role.

Stretching exercises helps to reduce stiffness and tightness in muscles .Strengthening exercises for hip knee ankle back abdominal muscles and Shoulders are very helpful as you can enjoy trekking without any discomfort or pain .
Muscles which need to be strengthen are
◦ Quadriceps
◦ Hamstring
◦ Hip flexors
◦ Hip extensors
◦ Shoulder muscles
◦ Neck n back extensors
◦ Abdominal muscles
Stretching exercises should be done before and after exercises
Stretching exercises should be done pre and post trekking to release the tension and  stiffness in muscles
Stretching should be done for Quadriceps
Stretching for following muscles are necessary
◦Back and neck extensors
◦Shoulder muscles
◦Biceps and triceps