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Case Study

Frown to smile Journey (Facial Palsy Recovery)

Do you know the importance of facial muscles?

They are the primary tools which we use to express our emotions. But what if we lost that ability?

For that is exactly what happen when a person suffers from facial palsy (Bell’s palsy) ,he or she cannot express themselves using their facial muscles

Pihu ,a budding dancer ,age 12 went to her class as usual .While dancing, she realized that she was not able to give the proper facial expressions required and had slight watering from her eyes. She informed her mother about this after coming home but, her mom thought it was probably due to her studies and over exertion. The next day, Pihu was struggling to gargle while brushing as water was leaking through a corner of her mouth .Immediately her mother met their family physician, who gave her medicines and recommended her to go for physiotherapy treatment.

When Pihu came to our clinic she was looking severely depressed. I assured her mom and her that “ All is well “ and soon she will be able to regain control of her facial muscles .

The journey of turning her frown upside down started from that day!!

I recommended her to do hot fomentation.

Initial condition

  • Not able to raise her left eye brow
  • Not able to smile .
  • Not able to blink/close her left eye.
  • Not able to blow the balloon

Following treatment was recommended.

  • Electrical Muscles stimulation for facial muscle
  • Hot formation
  • Kinesio taping to correct the deviation of mouth
  • PNF exercises
  • PNF message

Progress: End of first week

By end of the first week her facial muscle tone improved. Pihu was able to do few facial exercises with assistance. Kinesiotaping gave her confidence to speak without mouth deviation

Progress: End of second week

Pihu was able to raise her left eyebrow and blink her eyes .She was able to gargle while brushing.

Progress: End of third week

Pihu could whistle, blow balloons and smile without mouth deviation.

Progress: End of fourth week

Pihu danced again gracefully with outstanding facial expressions and got a standing ovation for her performance from her dancing class.

Pihu’s father had been out of India for that month for business reasons and he had been worried about his beloved daughter but when he came home, he was welcomed and greeted by his darling daughter with big smile. He was astounded. He asked his wife if she had been joking or playing a prank when she had told him that Pihu had facial palsy to get him back home early. He couldn’t find a single change in his daughter’s facial expressions. Thus journey from frown to smile was completed successfully at our clinic.