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Case Study

Complete recovery from Lower limb Paralysis (Paraplegia)

Kavita, a healthy thirty two year old was living happily with her husband and her young daughter when she suddenly felt severe weakness and pain in her back and lower limbs. She consulted a spinal surgeon for her back pain. After investigation, it turned out to be a spinal tumor which needed immediate surgery .Kavita was relieved as luckily, the tumor turned out to be benign. But after surgery, she developed (post operation) paraplegia. She was not able to move her legs by herself i.e. voluntarily .She was advised rehabilitation physiotherapy, that’s when she approached me .She was not able to move on her own and not able to take care of her child, husband and household work. She was very eager to get back on her feet.

I used to go to her mother’s place to treat her. I started with MFR to get rid of muscle stiffness .Full passive range of movement (ROM ) was given to ankle, knee and hip(right and left leg  ). NDT worked really well with Kavita .

Exercises on ball and mat , co-activation , rolling ,gait training , strengthening exercises, joint approximation , theraband exercises , faradic stimulation and SI  has helped to improve her condition considerably .One of the most important aspect was Kavita’s will power and positive attitude.

Kavita was able to walk with help of walker within one month. After two and half months, she was able to walk independently. I still remember tears in her mother’s eyes when Kavita went back to her home walking proudly on her feet. This was the second time that she was crying while her daughter was leaving home, only this time they were tears of joy and not sadness. Her daughter was back on her feet to take care of her own daughter and family.