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Case Study :Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

When Ashish called me, he sounded too worried as he had acute pain in his elbow and forearm for a month, Pain did not subside but instead got aggravated. He was not able to focus on his work because of the pain.

He consulted me, I told him to do the icing and asked him to come to my clinic the next day.

I evaluated him in detail, I asked him about his medical history. I diagnosed that Ashish was suffering from tennis elbow.

 Tennis Elbow:

Tennis Elbow is mostly caused by overusing the forearm due to repetitive or strenuous activity. It can also sometimes occur after banging or knocking the elbow. Ashish had banged his elbow two /three times before he visited my clinic.

He has slight swelling on his elbow (lateral epicondyle). He had pain while moving his elbow outward.

 Physiotherapy treatment for Tennis elbow.

1)Icing in an appropriate manner

2)Forearm strap or crepe bandage is used to give support.

3)Ultrasound/ Laser Therapy helps to reduce pain

4)Mild stretching and strengthening exercises for forearm muscles

5)Trigger point release: Trigger point release is a technique that helps to get rid of pain and allows one to do daily activities without discomfort

Above mentioned Physiotherapy treatment sessions were highly effective for Ashish and he got pain relief from Tennis Elbow pain in a couple of sessions. I have designed a home exercise program for Ashish, which will prevent the relapse of Tennis Elbow Pain. Now Ashish is able to focus on his work as he got rid of Tennis elbow pain.